ArCADia BIM 11.1

Create 2D designs, 3D designs, and documentation for buildings
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ArCADia BIM 12
· Support BIM technology, object-oriented architectural design.
· Ready-made architectural elements: multilayer walls, stairs, bases, columns, chimneys, windows and doors.
· Comparing and merging documents.
· Automatic floor entry, additional support for Teriva ceiling design.
· Drawing of flat and spatial technical documentation and its writing to the native DWG format characteristic of most CAD applications.
· Work on layered drawing with the ability to use groups, blocks, external references and raster backdrops.
· Precise drawing with the ability to use Cartesian and polar coordinates, characteristic points and tracking.
· Work on a real-world model with the ability to print at any scale on a specified sheet of paper.
· Generating statements.
· Supporting the IFC format. A possibility to exchange design data with other programs.

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